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The Lift Lesson

I went down at noon today, which I normally don’t , with Pisey. Heavy traffic at the lift since it’s lunch time. Then, one lift opened. Everyone rushed in, so did Pisey. In that moment, I asked Pisey to wait. It’s what I do every day: wait. A few seconds later, another lift arrived and we hopped in without having to cramp inside the first lift with others.

Now, let’s compare the lift to a cake, and let’s say people are starving. When they see one cake arrives, everyone digs in. With so many people, they can only share a bite each and their rights to eating is over. We, in the other hand, hold our patience. Wait a little more, we’ll have the whole cake of our own, with a cheery on top.

Patience is the key to the greater goods.

ខែតុលា 5, 2018 at 1:54 ល្ងាច បញ្ចេញមតិ

The City We Live

Have you ever felt like the city we live these days is a mess, from the tiniest problem like Trash to Traffic, and to the huge systematic issue says Urban Planning.

I don’t know why I asked this anyway. It just popped up.

ខែតុលា 5, 2018 at 12:09 ល្ងាច បញ្ចេញមតិ

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