Don’t Wait – 101 Reasons to Start Running Today

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Don’t Wait – 101 Reasons to Start Running Today

Are you still debating if you should take up running as a form of exercise? The old saying from Thomas Jefferson “never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” is especially fitting when it comes to running. As it turns out, there are many excellent reasons to get off the couch and lace up for a run – no matter what your fitness level is. If you find it hard to believe that running will make a dramatic and positive impact on your life, perhaps the short list below will be able to change your mind.
  1. Running is easy.
    Relatively speaking, you don’t have to learn any complex maneuver to run.
  2. Running is challenging.
    Despite its simplicity, running is rarely mastered. Whether you’re a first-timer or a world-class elite athlete, there is always room for improvement.
  3. Running improves bone health.
    As a weight-bearing exercise, regular running helps increase or maintain bone density to prevent osteoporosis.
  4. Running is fun.
    Exercise doesn’t have to be monotonous and repetitive. Mixing up your routines, adding variety, or running with different people are some of the best ways to have a good time.
  5. Running is a great for your heart.
    Aerobic exercise such as running, increases blood flow to and from the heart. It is one of the best ways to improve your cardiovascular health.
  6. Running is a great way for weight control.
    On average, running, in low-to-moderate intensity, gives you the best bang for your buck in fat burning.
  7. Running reduces stress.
    Exercise elevates your mood with the release of endorphins – or the “feel good” neurotransmitters in your brain.
  8. Running lowers the risk of cancer.
    Studies have shown that regular exercise contributes to prevention of cancer in the GI tract, lung, breast, prostate, and more.
  9. Running gives you new friends.
    You can befriend someone in a group run, running club, or even a race. Don’t be shy.
  10. Running is a new experience every time.
    Each run is different, even if you run in the same route or on the treadmill.
  11. Running promotes positives thoughts.
    Nothing makes you feel better than crossing the finish line or completing a tough run.
  12. Running is cheap.
    You don’t need a membership or permit to start running. All you need is a pair of sneakers – or you can even run barefoot.
  13. Running improves joint health.
    Contrary to popular belief and misconception, moderate levels of running might have a protective effect on the knees and hips to lower the risk of osteoarthritis.
  14. Running is versatile.
    You can go for a run almost anywhere, anytime.
  15. Running has no age limit.
    If you are healthy enough to walk, you can probably go for a run. Budhia Singh ran 42 miles in 7 hours, 2 minutes when he was only 4 years old.Fauja Singh completed a marathon in 2011 in 8:11:06, at the age of 100.
  16. Running improves the quality of sleep.
    Exercise can help you sleep longer and sounder. As a result, you will be more energized the following day. Just avoid rigorous running within 3 hours of your bedtime.
  17. Running readies you for emergency.
    You never know when you’ll need to cover 3 miles on foot at a moment’s notice. While you may not outrun a hungry tiger charging at you – you can probably pull away safely from a zombie attack.
  18. Running gives you adrenaline rush.
    Racing is a sure-fire way to to elevate your adrenaline level, and make you feel invincible. Warning: racing can be additive.
  19. Running fits well on your bucket list.
    Finishing a marathon (or other distances) is a great goal to achieve in your lifetime.
  20. Running gives you medals.
    Many marathons (some half-marathons) hand out finisher medals, not to mention trophies for placing. One can never have enough blings!
  21. Running makes food taste better.
    Don’t take my word for it. Go for a long run, then eat anything (edible, of course) in your kitchen.
  22. Running clears up your stuffy nose.
    During exercise, the dilation of blood vessels in your nasal passage might be reduced to result in decongestion of your respiratory path.
  23. Running lets you hang with celebrities.
    When was the last time you participated in a sport with a professional athlete? In most races, you can run with the pros – that is, if you’re fast enough.
  24. Running is an excellent way to spend quality time with someone.
    At conversational pace, chatter flows naturally when you’re running in a group.
  25. Running is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.
    You can have a blast to go for a trail run, a stroll on the beach, or a quick dash around your neighborhood.
  26. Running compliments your sex life.
    Vigorous exercise such as running, combined with other healthy lifestyle factors, can increase your sex drive and improve the quality of sex.
  27. Running is transferable.
    Endurance and stamina obtained from running are beneficial to almost all other forms of physical activity.
  28. Running calms and soothes you mind.
    Try going out for a run next time you’re angry or upset. Chances are you won’t stay mad for too long once you get started.
  29. Running stimulates creativity.
    With the increased blood flow to the brain, you’re more likely to have alight-bulb moment during a run.
  30. Running lets you feel like a superstar.
    When racing, you can count on the crowd to cheer you on and give you that morale boost you can’t get anywhere else.
  31. Running gets you high.
    You might have heard of the mythical runner’s high, which is believed to be a result of the release of endorphins in your brain.
  32. Running tones your legs.
    To get those slender and shapely runner’s legs, you have to, well, run.
  33. Running slows aging process.
    Want to look younger, feel younger, and age slower? Get moving.
  34. Running is a good conversation starter.
    There are endless topics to talk about when it comes to running – races, training, athletes, gear…etc.
  35. Running is impressive.
    You don’t have to complete a marathon to turn heads in a social setting – something like running a 5K will surely draw attention to you.
  36. Running makes you a good role model.
    Nothing inspires and motivates better than to set a great example yourself. Be the reason your loved ones enjoy their own active lifestyle.
  37. Running clears your skin.
    Regular exercise promotes increased blood flow to nourish and vitalize skin cells, warding off nasty acne and giving you a radiant glow.
  38. Running gives you a nice tan.
    No more tanning bed. Just make sure you put on some sun protection before heading out for a natural tan.
  39. Running boosts confidence.
    Knowing what you can achieve with your body is one of the most organic and satisfying ways to feel better about yourself.
  40. Running fortifies your immune system.
    It’s been noted that regular exercise of moderate intensity gives a boost in your body’s defense system.
  41. Running gives you more energy.
    Providing you with increased endurance and stamina coupled with better sleep at night, running will supercharge your daily routine.
  42. Running is one of the best antidepressants.
    Remember those endorphins? As it turns out, they are pretty good at relieving stress and anxiety.
  43. Running greatly boosts your metabolism.
    Your body’s metabolism remains elevated (for the purpose of repairing tissues from micro trauma) even days after a moderate amount of cardiovascular exercise – this is also known as the afterburn effect. Running not only helps you lose weight, but it also helps prevent your weight from bouncing back up.
  44. Running shapes your trunk.
    If those looking at you from behind don’t thank you, they’re probably jealous of what you have.
  45. Running provides attainable goals for everyone.
    Whether you’re trying to break a world record, or simply completing a race without stopping, there’s something for runners of all levels.
  46. Running makes you smarter.
    Increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain improve inter-cellular activities in your command center, sharpening your mental acuity.
  47. Running can make you a good planner.
    Training, racing, and all the rest of it can help you develop better logistic skills.
  48. Running improves your weather acclimation.
    Running in the heat and the cold improves your body’s ability to adjust to different climates.
  49. Running strengthens bonds.
    Go for a run with your loved ones. It’s a good way to iron out some rough spots.
  50. Running gives you alone time.
    Run time is zen time – many people enjoy a meditative run alone to take a temporary time-out from the real world.
  51. Running has many incredible stories.One of the most revered legends of running is Pheidippides – the Greek who inspired the modern marathon. If you do a little digging, there are countless sensational running lores from around the world.
  52. Running makes birth easier.
    If you’re a pregnant woman, having a stronger heart and abdominal muscles, along with increased stamina from endurance training may benefit you in labor and delivery.
  53. Running lets you catch up on the media.
    If you have access to a treadmill, you can finally have a chance to watch your favorite show. Or if you can listen to many audiobooks or podcasts when you go for a run.
  54. Running is full of cool gears.
    There are shoes, tech shirts, GPS watches, hydration packs, or even baby strollers made for running – just to name a few. You don’t really needanything to start running; but these items make some nice toys and presents.
  55. Running is a great way to explore an area.
    Whether you’re in your neighborhood or some remote destination, running is an excellent way to get to check out your surroundings.
  56. Running helps you quit bad habits.
    When you’re running, you aren’t smoking or drinking – alcohol, that is.
  57. Running can promote teamwork.
    You experience a great sense of camaraderie when participating in a relay race or a cross country event.
  58. Running gives you a reason to feast.
    Not only does running allow you to eat more, sometimes it requires you to do so during the carbo-loading phase of training.
  59. Running is green.
    Running is good for the environment because it leaves virtually no carbon footprint – unless you litter.
  60. Running is faster than walking.
    Did you forget about this?
  61. Running lets you go shopping.
    The longer you run, the smaller your size becomes. Now you have a legitimate reason to shop for new clothes!
  62. Running is a the perfect excuse to go out.
    Feeling claustrophobic from the surrounding walls? Go out for a run!
  63. Running provides excellent blogging material.
    Do you own a blog or want to start one? Running can help!
  64. Running can be silly.
    Go check out some posters and signs in a road race – some are pretty hilarious.
  65. Running humbles you.
    Distance running enables you to see how vast the world is, and how you pale in comparison.
  66. Running makes you to get up early.
    Most races are hosted early in the morning. So the best time to train is in the morning. Get up and start moving!
  67. Running builds mental toughness.
    Want to be tough as nails? If you can run for hours on end, you can probably endure most discomfort and pain.
  68. Running makes you respect others.
    Participating in a long distance running event enables you to respect everyone in front, next to, or behind you – because you share the same struggle.
  69. Running promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.
    Running makes you healthy. Being healthy enables you to enjoy life more. When you enjoy life more, you’re likely to stay healthy. See a pattern?
  70. Running promotes growth in young adults.
    Regular exercise and adequate nutrition are imperative to the musculoskeletal system in the growing body.
  71. Running keeps you regular.
    Exercise is found to improve the health of the gastrointestinal tract by stimulating bowel movement and warding off constipation. Get moving now!
  72. Running gives you a healthier baby.
    Statistics have shown that babies born from women with exercise during pregnancy are leaner and happier.
  73. Running gives you bragging rights.
    How many people in your circle of close friends can run a marathon?
  74. Running is a good method of transportation.
    Especially in a metropolitan area, running can save you the hassles of hailing a cab, parking, locking your bike, or paying toll if you need to get somewhere quick.
  75. Running disciplines you.
    Nothing teaches you the value of hardwork and consistency like running does.
  76. Running is a good way to give back to the community.
    You can run for many charitable organizations or causes – or you can even start your own.
  77. Running prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
    From Mayo Clinicstudies continue to point to physical exercise as the most effective therapy today to prevent Alzheimer’s.
  78. Running improves coordination.
    Exercise and physical activities reinforce neural connections by promoting inter-cellular dendrite connections. In other words, to have cat-like reflexes and those ninja skills, you need to start moving more.
  79. Running speeds up recovery from child birth.
    Exercise help you regulate hormones and maintain a higher metabolic rate to lose excessive weight gained during pregnancy.
  80. Running lowers your blood pressure.
    Running regularly raises HDL (the “good” cholesterol) while reduces LDL (the “bad” counterpart), lowering the risk of atherosclerosis. In short, running prevents heart attack or stroke.
  81. Running gives you good volunteering opportunities.
    It’s a fulfilling experience to help out other runners and running organizations. Volunteering in a race is also a fantastic way to motivate yourself.
  82. Running is good for your lungs.
    50% of the lung capacity is usually unused. Running requires you to take deep breaths and strengthens your diaphragm. As a result, it allows you to pull in more air and utilize oxygen more efficiently.
  83. Running lets you wear costumes.
    Every race is Halloween for runners!
  84. Running brings out the best in people.
    An overwhelmingly large portion of runners is warm and compassionate. Well – it’s kinda hard to be a jerk when you’ve just run for 3~4 hours.
  85. Running can be a great adventure.
    You never know what you’ll find on a trail. So buckle up for a wild ride!
  86. Running is a good way to spend your time.
    Forget watching a reality show or playing computer games. Start training for a race instead!
  87. Running lets you enjoy the outdoors.
    Running enables you to appreciate the beauty of nature, if you care to look for it.
  88. Running is great for your dog.
    If your favorite 4-legged pal could speak, it would most likely thank you for taking it out for a quick dash around town. Whoof!
  89. Running makes you happy.
    The release of endorphins, boost in confidence, and sense of completing a tough task are some examples of contributing factors to a jolly old time.
  90. Running makes a good game.
    Use running as a bet or a dare to create some friendly competition next time.
  91. Running is our great legacy.
    From Wikipedia: the ancestors of mankind developed the ability to run for long distances about four and a half million years ago. We, as a species, have come a long way on our feet.
  92. Running is a good way to cope.
    Are you suffering from the aftermath of a bad relationship or loss of a loved one. Running will get you through the worst of time.
  93. Running is great for the elderly.
    According to a Stanford research, “elderly runners have fewer disabilities, a longer span of active life and are half as likely as aging nonrunners to die early deaths.”
  94. Running is the best way for sightseeing.
    Do you enjoy travelling? The best ride to take you around town is none other than your feet. Just make sure you know how to get back.
  95. Running gives you great abs.
    Running engages and strengthens your core muscles. By toning your mid-section and burning excess fat, running is one of the best ways to get that rock-hard washboard you’ve always wanted.
  96. Running gets you into exclusive parties.
    Many post-race celebrations or even pre-race expos are only available to participants.
  97. Running teaches you to overcome hardship.
    For many, running redefines the meaning of “over the hill”.
  98. Running expands your horizon.
    This is a philosophical one – figuratively and literally speaking, running shows you some things you’ve never seen.
  99. Running unifies people.
    Participating in or organizing a local racing event of all sizes can be the perfect way to mobilize a community.
  100. Running increases longevity.
    With all the health benefits associated with running, this one is obvious.
  101. Running makes you a better person all around.
    Running is one of the most wholesome activities for you mind and body; and it’s right outside of your front door.

Do you agree or disagree with the above? What are some other good reasons to start running today? There must be more than 101 reasons. Don’t forget to share in the comment section below, and “like” or tweet this post if you find it helpful. Also, you might want to check out my popular post Flowchart: Should You Go for a Run Today? for additional motivation.

Author Bio: Kevin Lu is an engineer in the field of orthopedic devices. He received his B.S. and M.S. in biomedical engineering from NJIT. Science, technology, and running are Kevin’s passions. In his spare time, Kevin trains for and participates in races of various distances. In addition to Beyond Distance, Kevin also writes for iRunnerBlog as a contributing tech columnist. Find out more about Kevin here and follow him on Twitter.

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