Practicum – First Session May 15, 2012

ខែ​ឧសភា 16, 2012 at 10:51 ល្ងាច មតិ 9

I’ve got a very very very large class – 28 students. And guess what? It’s not easy at all because the ability of the students is mixed. This is the only one thing I worry most. But at de end, I did it.

I thought it was just good until my observer told me “It’s almost perfect.” My observer said I performed a bit childish but he did mention that it’s nature.. I dont really care. The students enjoy my childish performance… As long as my students enjoy it, what’s more I have to care about?

I spent so little time preparing that I ran a bit late to school – half an hour before class. Hehehe… As a teacher, we consider it’s late.

Thanks to little sis for helping me print the handouts and homework that i missed printing. Much love… I was a bit worrying about you after class and I’m sorry that I couldnt stay there with you for long.. My observer was waiting to talk to me… Wonder how are you right now? Getting better yet? Will call after work.


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UNCONTROLLABLE Practicum – Second Session May 19, 2012

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  • 1. Ravy  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:27 ព្រឹក

    សុំទោសរចនា, អឺ… តើអូនបង្រៀននេៅឯណាដែរ ហើយបង្រៀនអ្វី??

  • 2. រចនា  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:32 ព្រឹក

    I am currently doing the teaching practicum at Norton Uni. I teach English.

  • 3. kellymuzik  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:39 ព្រឹក

    Here I am 🙂 your little stubborn sister is doing okay 😀 The thing was my legs were hurt badly yest so I couldn’t run fast that’s y it took a bit of time. sorry about that 😦 Btw, I did enjoy the session just by looking from de outside 😀 Go go sis!!

  • 4. រចនា  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:44 ព្រឹក

    Are you sure u’re doing okay? I sense the Not Okay feeling =.= And.. Why did you sorry? You’d done nothing wrong dearest. I have to thank you for dat.. without you, de session would be incomplete.

  • 5. kellymuzik  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:49 ព្រឹក

    Not Okay + Time = Okay Soon 🙂 sister. I’m glad it was going smoothly sis 🙂 Keep fighting!! How I wish I could be once a student of yours.

  • 6. រចនា  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:52 ព្រឹក

    ^^ get well soon then 😀 will talk to u more today since i dont have any schedule ^^

  • 7. kellymuzik  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:58 ព្រឹក

    🙂 Roger

  • 8. រចនា  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 9:59 ព្រឹក

    🙂 will call after work.

  • 9. kellymuzik  |  ខែ​ឧសភា 17, 2012 ម៉ោង 10:02 ព្រឹក

    jah 🙂


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