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The Reason of Choosing TEFL as My Major


 Stepping into college was one of the big flips in my life. I, as soon as I finished my high school degree in 2008, had to decide how I should live my life. I, first, asked myself if I want to continue studying. Yes was my answer back then, and it proceeded me to another step that required me to choose the major I wanted to pursue and the career I wanted to work in the future. The choice-to-be-chosen should have been tough, but luckily it was not. That was because I had already found out that I was madly, deeply, truly, and passionately in love with teaching career. Nonetheless, I knew that whatever I chose, it had to be decisively reasonable. The paragraphs below show three main reasons presenting why I chose ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ as my major.

First, teaching is a beneficial job. Being a teacher will provide me constant communication with people around. I communicate with my students, who mostly will never be the same students every year. I, too, communicate with the guardians of the students who come from different places with various jobs. These many connections, thus, built broad networks which benefit me a lot in case I need a helping hand.  Besides, teacher has longer breaks comparing to other jobs. Twice a year, after semester one and two, teacher is able to rest at home at least a month without going to school to teach at all. These long vocations enable teacher to take additional courses to improve thyself. More than that, as a capable teacher, I can even teach in foreign countries. For example, in Norton University of Cambodia come teachers from different parts of the world such as Philippines, Thailand, England, etc. They left their beloved countries, yet they enjoy their teaching career in Cambodia. In addition to these advantages, being a teacher can also bring the feeling of satisfaction in working more than any other jobs on earth. The feeling of satisfaction when I plant seeds, watch them gradually grow from day to day, and finally be able to enjoy the view of the colorful fruits from the seeds I plant. As a result, I am sure that it is the best feeling ever when I know I am doing something useful, not only for the sake of myself but the society as a whole.

Second, teaching means making changes. Of course, teacher, less or more, becomes something-so-called a model for students. The overwhelming feeling of every day when I get up out of my bed and I know I can affect someone’s life for better or worse is the power of making changes of teaching. I can be a lifesaver if I teach my students good things, cheer them up if they have a bad day, and inspire them to pursue their dreams. On the other hand, I can destroy my students’ lives if I intentionally or unintentionally guide them to the wrong tracks. As a teacher, I am affecting young lives every day, and I know I should always try to make it a positive experience every time they come to my classroom. Consequently, the students will change for good. My case is a good example for this reason. When I was in grade seven in Preah Sisowat high school, I was a very bad student in class. I did not attend class but escaped for computer games. My parents did not know, and my teachers did not care. Until grade nine, my parent knew about this and they moved me to Beltei International Institute. There, I met some of the best teachers whom later became my idols.  What they did to change me from a useless student to the top student in class was not teaching, but motivating. The motivations and knowledge from my teachers helped me find who I was and made me strive for perfection even though I knew that the perfection does not exist at all. This feeling pushed me further to fight to be the top student in class and later to be the top student national wide. I, until now, still thank my high school teachers for my achievements after high school. Without them, I would not be able to come this far. Without them, I would not be me today. This is truly the power of changes that teacher can bring to students.

Third, teaching needs the interpersonal skills that exist in my blood. It is understandable that having interests in one job does not really mean people can succeed in that job. To be successful in one job, it needs some common skills or traits that apply to that specific job. A career as a teacher requires those people who enjoy working with people, managing and motivating people, and are often found to have a pretty good sense of humor. A hard and smart working habit, intellectual curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning are also associated with the success in the classroom. Through my experiences in working, training people, and communicating with others so far, I found out that I match the traits above quite well. Having these interpersonal skills gives me more confident to choose to study teaching.

In conclusion, I chose TEFL because it is a beneficial job, it has the power of changes, and it applies to my personal traits quite well. I am lucky enough to meet many amazing teachers who made many big impacts in my life, but I am not really sure if I will be able to meet this kind of teacher in the future. Hence, better than waiting, I decide I should become one myself.



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  • 1. Mala  |  ខែ​មីនា 2, 2012 ម៉ោង 10:43 ព្រឹក

    These good reason, you are the reality person that you can find your self and appointed the better way to go. I always thought what is better way should be I chosen after I finished high school degree too, and than I decided my mind to go on the likely way for made personal life. I total agree with your sharing experience………….Wish you achieve in the bring future sis. 😛


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